A little information about the Gurtler 3D Quarter Horse Family (3D because there are "3" daughters).


Glen Gurtler - A 2nd generation cowboy. In his younger days was a bull/bareback & saddle bronc rider.  In the winter, Glen works for STAT in Manning. In the summer, he is busy farming and training the young horses. Now you can see him competing in Team Roping as the header with daughter Janelle, as well as Tie-down Roping.

Barb (Russnak) Gurtler - A 1st generation cowgirl. In her younger days was seen going to rodeos with Glen.  When she is not busying teaching, she can be seen running around the barrels with her 3 daughters. Barb is now retired from Teaching and is enjoying subbing.  She was a Teacher at Rosary School in Manning for 34 years. She enjoys hosting and going to ABRA jackpots as well as all the time spent on the road in the spring and summer with her family and now her Grandkids.  

Rosalyn (Gurtler) Harpe - The oldest of the 3 daughters.  Ros, started out riding when she was a little girl but found skating to become her passion. Rosalyn started to ride horses again in 2000 and has become very successful at it. Rosalyn got married in October 7th, 2006 to Steven Harpe of Peace River, where they now reside. Rosalyn and Steve own The Co-operators in Peace River as well Steve works for Secure Energy.  Since marrying into the family, Steve has also pick up the passion for horses and is a tie-down roper and team ropes. Ros is an all around cowgirl who Barrel Races, Pole Bends, Breakaway Ropes, Team Ropes and Goat Ties. Rosalyn & Steve had a baby girl, Hayden Elyssa Rayne on November 28th, 2009. She is the first grandbaby in the family and loves to ride as well as Figure Skate, Dance, Soccer and anything else she can be put into! On October 28th 2011, Kaston Glen Cooper was born.  Finally there is a little boy born into the Glen Gurtler family! Kash loves to ride as well and he plays Hockey and Soccer too.  He wants to be a roper!

Janelle (Gurtler) Kirkpatrick - The second daughter.  Janelle tried her hand at skating like Ros, but found horses to be her # 1 passion and they still are. Janelle has been going to rodeos with her dad since she was 10 years old. She competed in High School rodeo in her Jr/Sr High School years as well as in the NRA, LRA & WRA.  Janelle loves going to clinics and is always looking for new and different things to learn and try out to help her in developing her training skills.  She is an all around cowgirl who Barrel Races, Pole Bends, Breakaway Ropes, Team Ropes (heeler) did some heading in High School Rodeo for Christa and Goat Ties. Janelle is still living in Manning and has a few jobs on the go, right now she is working for Sun Life Financial, does Equine Chiropractic Therapy, takes outside horses for barrel training and looks after our breeding program.  Janelle got Married to Reggie Kirkpatrick December 3, 2016.  Reggie is a Truck Driver for the oilfield and works for Neil's General Contracting Ltd in Manning. They are still actively also helping out with the farm,  They had their first baby, a girl on August 11th, 2017, Makenna Barbara Dorothy and she shares a Birthday with Uncle Steve.

Christa (Gurtler) Fuchs - The baby of the family! Christa, like her older sisters tried skating as well, but thought she would follow in her sister Janelle's footsteps and stop skating to rodeo. Christa started to rodeo at age 10. Christa competed in High School rodeo and did very well as an all around cowgirl. Christa graduated from Red Deer Collage in 2009 and received her Diploma for Early Learning and Child Care. Christa is an all around cowgirl who Barrel Races, Pole Bends, Breakaway Ropes, Team Ropes (heeler) and Goat Ties. Christa is Married and has two girls who love to ride as much as their mommy!