“All” broodmares are broke to ride and were used at rodeos or jackpots for team roping and barrel racing.

"Blessed are the broodmares"

Rusty is just an awesome mare that puts just as awesome foals on the ground no matter who she is bred to. We have had so much success off this mare winning many, many saddles and buckles. She has won over $30,000 in prize money. We could do everything off this mare, Team rope head and heel, goat tie, pole bend, barrel race, break-away rope, steer undecorate...you name it she could do it and win at it too. 

Doc Tivios Image

Docs Tivio Bar

Doc Bar

Tonette Tivio

Blob Tivio

Go Blob Go

Wyo Tivio

Golden Kipanion

Double Kipanion

Kip Cody

Doubletree Miss

Golden Ronnie

Supreme Test

Somerset Lady

Daughter of Bonanza and Zoe, a mare Janelle ran on barrels until we sold her. Really nice mare that was super easy to break. A real pleaser this one! This mare is16hh and is built like a tank. This is a really nice heading horse.

Little Bitta Bunny

Mr Bonactas Skipper

Escorts Bartender

Shady Escort

Imperial Bar One

Miss Super Royalle

Keyo Sage Twist

Holiday Twist

Bar X Smokey Gal

Katie Irwin

Sir Colonel

Sir Teddy

Skip's Aid

Abby Kay

Shorty Bill

Prissy Siss

Zat Zoe Bunny

Three Bard Bunny

Truly A Bunny

Bunny McKay

Truly Goetta

Miss Passum Parr

Break Parr

Passum Leo Bars

Sea Sereen

Ket to the Sea

Key to the Mint


This mare we are currently taking to futurities and she will also be run as a derby horse.  This little mare is very catty and quick on her feet.  She can really stretch out and run.  She has super good looks too and is very friendly.  Will become a broodmare once we are done running her.  Her sire was a half-brother to our one stud we had Leroy (Same Dam), her dam is our broodmare Calvary’s Lady Jet (Mac).

Honoring Firewater

Pacn A Copy Bar None

Pac it Easy

Pacific Bailey

Gold Pacific

Nell Bert McCue

Maisey Daisey

Easy Jet

Daisy Gain

Red Rose Moon

Copy Bar None


Bar U None

Yo Burnt Moon

Burnt Spur

Dun Grande

Calvarys Lady Jet

Jet of Honor

Jet Deck

Moon Deck

Miss Night Bar

Quincy Liz

Lightning Bar

Leo Liz

Calvarys Vanessa


Boston Mac

Taffy Jane

Tootsies Van

Leo Chic